Pharmacological and Diagnostic Research Center


The center of the pharmacological & diagnostic research should be the leader in translational research, and a key center in promoting the development of personalized medicine, that is specialized in target and pathway therapy and biomarker discovery.


Maximize our understanding of how to intervene in the disease process by interrogating the disease network using genetic, proteomic, and imaging tools to eliminate death and suffering from diseases.


  • Integrating basic discovery with cutting edge technologies to create novel approaches for diagnosis, prevention and treatment
  • Providing leadership and innovation in translational research
  • Providing a distinctive venue for training the next generation of interdisciplinary basic, pharmaceutical, clinical and translational researchers
  • Establishing innovative partnerships with external organizations and private enterprise to accelerate the translation of new discoveries and technologies to clinical application
  • Refine the use of established drugs so that they are tailored to the individual patient and the exact nature of their condition.
  • Concentrate on therapeutic areas of unmet medical need
  • Consideration of diagnostic and other factors during the drug development process such that when a new drug is launched it is with the companion biomarkers and diagnostics already identified and validated for use.