Pharmacological and Diagnostic Research Center


Skin is the largest organ of the human body which accounts for 16% of our total body weight. Normal skin function is vital for maintaining good health and quality of life as it is part of the first line defense against infection and outside environment. Moreover, some health conditions are reflected in changes observed on the skin as well as reflecting our emotional health, skin can be an indicator of our inner physical wellbeing. Therefore, observing your skin can be a useful way to obtain a wealth of information about your general health and well-being. More than 50% of the population suffers from a skin disorder, disease or trauma. Many of these conditions reduce quality of life for patients and their families while some others are life threatening.
The ultimate goal of skin research group is to increase the capacity to perform research on skin disorders, diseases in Jordan, and to identify best proven preventative and therapeutic strategies. To achieve this goal we have initiated the assembly of a multidisciplinary Skin Focused Group (SFG) which is attentive to applications of recent scientific advances, diagnostic and therapeutic innovations in dermatological practices. We aim as well to establish the link between cosmetology and dermatology, as this will serve the increasing worldwide demand and interest in skin, hair and nails care.

Research direction

Skin Focused Group is represented by a number of Doctors and Professors of Amman Al Ahliyya University in cooperation with highly equipped and advanced dermatology clinics which is managed by research specialized company and a high medical medically specialize certified staff. The group will consider both basic and clinical research approaches, as all of our studies will be patient-centered, and conducted by highly qualified dermatology and venereology clinic medical team and SFG members. In which all patients who were involved will be examined clinically by consultant dermatologist, venereologist and a highly qualified medical team. Moreover, Patients will be followed up after the procedure / treatment to observe and collect further data that might add value to our research and enrich our findings, patients are also welcomed to revisit the clinic for any inquiries where the staff will be at your assistance.