Pharmacological and Diagnostic Research Center


Located at the Amman Al-Ahliyya University-Faculty of Pharmacy, the Medicinal Chemistry and Bioinformatics research group (MCB) is active and central part at the Pharmacological and Diagnostic Research Centre (PDRC). The group aims to provide new therapeutic approaches against several lethal diseases with high socioeconomic impact.

Research direction

The focus of the MCB is the discovery and development of new synthetic and natural organic molecule-based therapeutics. The activities of the group follow three major research lines:
  1. Design and synthesis of novel small molecule-based therapeutics.
  2. Exploration of biodiversity for novel drug lead; isolation of natural products of medicinal significance.
  3. Drug Nanocarierand stimuli-responsive nanocarriersfor drug delivery.


MCB include pioneer researchers in the field of Medicinal, Organic, Analytical, and Phytochemistry. With the teamwork the MCB members always seeking for innovative research topics.
Within the MCB research group:
  • Group meetings to discuss the next year plan.
  • Encourage MCB members to participate in the research.
  • For each MCB member, the available time dedicated for research will be listed.
  • Applying for an innovative research projects that include most MCB members.
  • Motivates MCB members to select aspecific research-related tasks or to select part of a project.
  • The overall progress in the teamwork and individual performance will discussed within the group four times per year.

Within PDRC:
  • Collaborate with other PDRC focus groups.
  • Synthesis of a library of novel compound for biological evaluation within PDRC.

Outside the AAU:
  • Looking for research collaborators to exchange experiences and lab facilities.
  • Looking for financial support for MCB and PDRC projects.