Pharmacological and Diagnostic Research Center


The PDRC has an experienced formulation, drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics and drug delivery team with efficient research professionals and sophisticated recent instruments.

Research direction

This team plays main role in the formulation development, drug discovery process and works side by side with other groups. The team has sound record on the development and validation of various bio-analytical methods for bioavailability (BA) and DMPK studies of NCE, small molecules, and peptides. The team expertise in UFLC-PDA-FLD, UFLC-UV, hyphenated technologies like LC-MS-MS-4500-QTRAP and GC-MS and has successfully applied these methods for the analysis of drugs in serum, plasma, saliva, body fluids and tissue. The team has developed and utilized several different polymers, carrier linked drugs, nano-carriers, nano-emulsions, and liposomal carrier for the successful delivery of potent molecule to the different targets including TNBCs. We also have expertise in thermo sensitive gels, conventional and sustain released formulation. Some Members of the team have participated as investigator or co-investigator in different phase of preclinical and clinical trial (Phase I – phase III) earlier. We assist in the development of small molecule, peptide and predicts their fate (ADME). The team also evaluates the drug-excipients compatibity, drug-drug interaction, drug toxicity (acute and chronic as well as toxicokinetics studies), stability, drug-affinity and efficacy of drug. GLP and GCP facilities are supported by a dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) Team. Last but not least, we also provide support for identification and characterization of unknown molecules.


The PDRC Formulation, Drug Metabolism, Pharmacokinetics and Drug Delivery include following facilities:
LC-MS-MS-4500-QTRAP, GC-MS, UPLC-PDA, UPLC-UV, GC-FID, Biotage-Alstra Peptide and Small Molecule Synthesizer, Mini-Liposome Factory, Malvern Nanosizer ES90, Hanson Automated Diffusion Cell equipment, Lyophilizer, Class-II Biosafety Cabinates, UV-Visible spectrophotometer, IR spectrophotometer.