Pharmacological and Diagnostic Research Center


Cancer is a major focus of research activity throughout the world. Often defined as multifactorial disease, with genetic, epigenetic and environment factors influencing its progression, generally speaking cancer usually develop over years from relatively benign collections of cells into malignant tumors.

Research direction

Our cancer focus group in PDRC will work in the follow directions:
  • Targeting molecules in signaling pathways such as transcriptional factors that aid in progression, metastasis and therapy resistance
  • Targeting biomarkers in the surface of cancer cells of different types that play role in therapy resistance.
  • The immune system is our body’s most powerful weapon to combat cancer cells. However, tumor cells have a repertoire of tricks to evade the immune response. Our tumor Immunology research can be designed to find out how to manipulate the evading procedures of cancer cells.
  • Since Jordan is rich with many medicinal plant, we may start with screening studies concentrating on cancer exert resistance to known chemotherapeutic drugs. The one gave potential results will be purified and mechanism of action to be investigated.


Our PDRC is equipped with instruments and facilities to conduct our research of interest including:
  • Well-equipped tissue culture facility (class II safety cabinet and CO2 incubator)
  • ELISA Reader
  • Multimode microplate reader
  • All needed laboratory instruments (Centrifuges, Balances, water bath …etc.)
  • Well –equipped molecular lab with Real time PCR machine and instruments for nucleic acid extraction and purification.
  • High quality photo documentation system with all detection modes